Poetry: The Coming Chill

the summer birds are keeningthe autumn birds are preeningfor there’s a whisper in the airand nature knows its meaning the leaves are turning red and brownthe flowers going far to groundfor the cold is creeping from the northits wake bereft of lively sound the squirrels are dashing over the loamthe mice are digging deep and […]

Poetry: The First Cold Breath

The first cold breath of wintercomes like an owl at nightthe silent swoop of speckled wingsthe joyful hoots of flight The cold descends upon youa shroud that you will wearthe chill of bones and whitest breaththe cross that you will bear The cold will cull the summer budstill their rhythm fades to blackthe snows suppressing […]

Poetry: The Festive Season

hand in hand and side by sidewe walk along the leaf-strewn patha rhythmic crunching matching stridewith the footfalls of the fading past our free hands hold the unlit candlesthat at dusk, will cast in orange lightthe relics of this annum’s scandalsthat winter’s cleansing will make right we’ll place these candles in the lanternscarved with scenes […]

Poetry: Autumn Quilt

patches orange, patches redbound together with the threadthat stitches tales of starry nightsfilled with warm fires and ghostly frightsthe shrieks of children all delighteddressed in gowns and masks, invitedto troll the the streets for scrumptious treatsand stuff themselves with moon-shaped sweetsbut in the morning, their laughs of joyare shoved in trunks with disused toysto be […]

Book Review: The Smartest Guys in the Room by Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind

Title: The Smartest Guys in the Room Author: Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind Blurb: Today, Enron is the biggest business story of our time, and Fortune senior writers Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind are the new Woodward and Bernstein. Remarkably, it was just two years ago that Enron was thought to epitomize a great New Economy company, […]

Book Review: Worked Over by Jamie K. McCallum

Title: Worked Over Author: Jamie K. McCallum Blurb: Most Americans work too long and too hard, while others lack consistency in their hours and schedules. Work hours declined for a century through hard-fought labor-movement victories, but they’ve increased significantly since the seventies. Worked Over traces the varied reasons why our lives became tethered to a new rhythm […]

Poetry: The Lost Migration

the morning dew is hardly risingsunlight on the far horizonyet in the violet murk, you spy themwild geese beneath the northern star the birds, they fly in no formationscattered wings catching loose dreamsfeathers falling from the seamskiss the grass like winter’s final snow and at their flutter, you rememberthe tidings of a dark Decembera solstice […]

Poetry: A Walk in Summer

gravel crunches under shoes, a sound like flint striking hot steelthe rubber soles grow warm and weary under heavy marching heels,but the path ahead is far straightforward, less a chore and more a joyfor the sky above is blue and clear, the clouds all shaped like children’s toys heat wafts off the distant ground, the […]

Book Review: T-Minus AI by Michael Kanaan

Title: T-Minus AI Author: Michael Kanaan Blurb: Late in 2017, the conversation about the global impact of artificial intelligence (AI) changed forever. China delivered a bold message when it released a national plan to dominate all aspects of AI across the planet. Within weeks, Russia’s Vladimir Putin raised the stakes by declaring AI the future for […]

Poetry: Letters of Redemption

etched in emerald ink upon a page as white as snow in morningthe grim letter arrives with all the fanfare of a new year’s warning the glue that binds the sins to secrets parts under knife in sweet reliefdischarged from burdens that it bore across the sky and land beneath and from within an envelope […]


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