Poetry: Innocence Lost

hearts ripped open to reveal balled-up paper notes inside
unfolded to proclaim the lies ingrained on young, impressionable minds
and who’s to blame for guns that blaze in hands too small to form a fist
when shredded dogma statements rain from jet expulsion tails like mist? 

the soldiers on the march in morning turn the tides of never wars
by sitting silent at their beds while hands guide missiles on toward
such souls as dangerous as laughter of the children in the sun
and death of dandelion wine is how you know the end’s begun 

what do you say to crowns of gold bestowed on heads so gray and slight
that their shadows slipped through bars and out of prison in the night
and haunted desks with buttons pressed to bring the world to kneel,
what world is this where money buys the labels “false” and “real”? 

line by line and columns wide as oceans on the moon
stand graduates of mills designed to build ignorant dooms
and blank-eyed stares are all the weapons they can bear to raise
as drills dig deep to strip them of times lost to better days 

hearts ripped open to reveal weights as heavy as the sun
that drag the future’s children into Minos mazes yet unwon
and so they scream, ignored by those who chose the lethal costs
their cries are stifled by the wounds of pure innocence lost