Poetry: Blue Skies Ahead

often in our bluest moods, do we all forget
that cloudy skies are temporary
and rain can paint a sunset

too often on the darkest days, we cannot see the light:
that gray is just a state of mind,
blue skies come after night

[Written for the dVerse Poets Quadrille #107 Challenge]

23 thoughts on “Poetry: Blue Skies Ahead

  1. What a lovely reminder, Clara: ‘cloudy skies are temporary / and rain can paint a sunset’! We’ve had warm sunshine right up until my husband came home from work, and then it poured. It’s still wet and cloudy outside. I’m so glad the poems so far have had blue skies.

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  2. Yes, a plethora of positive vibes here; timely, much-needed. We must never forget “rain can paint a sunset”.

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  3. The Mr Curmudgeon in me wants to say, “Yeah, sure; whatever,” but My Beloved Sandra is always reminding me to look on The Bright Side. Thanks for backing her up.

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