Poetry: Theatrical

freeze the tempest in your smile
let the camera capture it
paint it like a thousand shades
and rearrange its meaning made
as if the world could just be drawn
into a colorless array
as all emotion drains to gray
it fades as sunless moons shed day
theatrical in interplay:
pining hard for valid fame

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10 thoughts on “Poetry: Theatrical

  1. My first time here, I think Clara? And I find your writing to be both well measured and beautifully lyrical – I shall be back for more – that’s for sure…

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  2. This is absolutely beautiful, Clara! Love the idea of “emotion drains to gray it fades as sunless moons shed day theatrical in interplay.” There is so much hidden behind one’s smile. 💝

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  3. At present the 50 shades of gray are just a foyer to the cold concrete under the refrigerated trailers lining up for storage of the pandemic demise; but yes, a smile, the shards of love, the rainbow of emotions captured within human spirit, are panacea, the first razor thin rays of hope.

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  4. For me, this mimics the numb, neutral, colourless slate that we’ve been dealt during the pandemic. Sometimes a nothingness, where we need to paint a new world…hopefully one more colourful, kind and peaceful.

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  5. We need to capture our smiles in camera. They are hidden behind our masks, and we’re left wanting. Great write.


  6. I love the drama that is waiting to unfold and makes me think of all the teatrical events on hold and the struggle ahead for those in film and theatre. You capture the need for the camera to enliven our hopes.

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