New Release: Date Wrecker by Clara Coulson

Calvin Kinsey and Cooper Lee return in this action-packed novella set in the City of Crows universe!

Title: Date Wrecker

Series: City of Crows, #3.5

Author: Clara Coulson

Blurb: Calvin Kinsey just wants to go on a nice, peaceful date. But Fate has other plans.

In the wake of a series of very stressful events, Cal is looking forward to a romantic dinner with a good friend turned new flame. But since trouble always manages to find Cal at the worst possible moments, he doesn’t even make it through the appetizer before his plans get blown to pieces.

Inadvertently stumbling into a conflict between two minor supernatural adversaries, Cal and his date are forced to abandon their fancy dinner and go on a wild, dangerous ride through the nighttime streets of Aurora.

Even worse, the clock is counting down the minutes on the lives of multiple innocent people, so it’s once more up to Cal to play the big hero and throw himself into the line of fire. But if he makes a fatal mistake this time, his own date might suffer the consequences.

Date Wrecker is a short novella set in the City of Crows universe between the events of Wraith Hunter (City of Crows #3) and Doom Sayer (City of Crows #4).